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Camilla (Cam) Coakley is a clinical health therapist, offering counseling services for her clients with regard to emotional and physical health.  Camilla is a licensed psychotherapist and a certified personal trainer and certified health coach.  Cam’s services include individual counseling sessions, nutritional guidance and personal training.  Cam also conducts wellness workshops on topics including, but not limited to, Healthy Eating, 9-to-5 Fitness and Stress Management; Cam is a specialist on issues related to Health & Wellness.

As a holistic therapist, Cam looks at all aspects of the person to identify imbalance.  Together with her clients, she helps to bring awareness and healing with regards to her clients’: diet, relationship to food, physical ailments, emotional blockages, exercise history, relational issues, areas of stress & core pains.  Cam integrates mind/body medicine into the work she does with her clients.  Cam's practice is informed by her clinical training at Columbia University & Cornell University and also by Dharma guidance, emotional freedom technique and the nutrition principles of the Gut & Psychology Syndrome and the Weston A. Price foundation.

As a personal trainer Cam incorporates a blend of movements born out of Pilates, yoga, qi gong and ballet along with traditional cardio and strength training activities.  This unique combination allows clients to experience a challenging, stimulating and fun workout.

Camilla earned her Bachelors of Science in Human Development from Cornell University, her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University and her personal training & health coach certification from the American Council of Exercise.

In addition to her private practice, Cam is the director of the “MOVE” Weight Management Program at the Palo Alto VA Hospital and she also is the founder of Rock ADHD.

Cam’s passion is helping people be happy and feel & look fabulous!